Endowment Services

We work with our clients to create investment portfolios based on fundamental research by our our research team and the unique needs of the organization. Detailed quarterly reports are provided which measure performance against the appropriate indices and peer groups.

Our work with non-profit institutions includes:

  • Establishment of investment policies with clearly stated goals and risk tolerances
  • Setting proper and prudent allocations to meet client needs
  • Conducting fundamental research and core security selection
  • Determination and coordination of non-core asset class needs: including due diligence in selecting sub-advisors to manage additional asset classes
  • Ongoing monitoring of sub-advisor performance
  • Rebalancing of asset classes within portfolios
  • Performance reporting including regular quarterly meetings with clients.

We work with our clients to create an investment policy for the portfolio that serves as the long-term governing document for board members and investment advisors. Our role can range from drafting the policy ourselves, to reviewing and objectively advising the board concerning existing policies.

Our Research and Investment Team

Led by Peter Boyle, our Chief Investment Officer, the investment team consists of thirteen analysts, nine of whom are CFA chartholders. Their strong proprietary research is the backbone of the performance our clients enjoy.

The term “team” is not used lightly. We take great pains to leverage our deep experience and knowledge. Individual ideas and research recommendations are challenged in a collegial environment with the group arriving at consensus regarding buy/sell decisions and proper valuation. Members of the team then implement these actions to the unique circumstances of each individual portfolio they manage. The result: separately managed portfolios that collectively benefit from superior research and insight based upon knowledge of the individual client situation.


We provide detailed quarterly reports which are supplemented with personal meetings. We measure performance against the appropriate indices and peer groups. Reports are available no later than one month following the close of the relevant period. Custodian records are reconciled monthly with our internal accounting records to assure accuracy of information.

We calculate performance internally using Advent Software’s Axys portfolio management program. Performance history is updated daily for all client accounts. Firm-wide performance composites made up of all fully-discretionary, fee-paying accounts are also maintained. Composite membership and composite performance history are updated quarterly.

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